Controlled Automation

Controlled Automation Revolution Coper

Controlled Automation Revolution Coper

Beam Coping

Join the beam coping revolution.

What can revolutionize your production? How about the capability to process mark members up to 48" wide faster, cheaper, and with more flexibility than any other robotic machine on the market. This is THE Revolution.

Revolution Coper

Machine Features:

  • Material Cutting Window    -   48" x 24" (1.25m x .6m)
  • Cutting Process   -   Plasma & Oxy Fuel with automatic tool change
  • Marking   -   Plasma scribing & marking
  • Plasma Thickness   -   2" (51mm)
  • Oxy-fuel Thickness   -   6" (152mm)
  • Machine Weight   -   16,000lbs (7,264kg)
  • Measuring System   -   Combination laser and rack-and-pinion probe
  • Maximum Material Weight   -   1,000lbs/ft.
  • Gas Control   -   Fully automatic with Hypertherm True Hole





Controlled Automation Laser Layout Printer


Controlled Automation LLP-5020

The Laser Layout Printer is a game changer and the reason is simple: It saves you, the fabricator, enormous amounts of time by automating fitting and welding. Laying out by hand is time consuming and prone to mistakes. Get that time back and reduce errors with our state-of-the-art laser layout system that allows you to mark CAD model, heat numbers, and weld information or whatever other information you need directly on the material. Finally, you have the solution for marking components produced even for DOT and seismic work that does not allow for plasma cutting and other thermal processes.

Machine Features:

  • Two independent rotating laser units mark all 8 sides of a beam
  • SICAM software allows seemless model import from AceCAD, DSTV, SDS2/Design Data, Tekla, and others.
  • Marks through cutting oil, water, rust, mill scale and others with ease
  • Extremely fast marking 6 characters per second and lines at 400 inches per minute
  • Eliminates manual layout on main members
  • Allows for easy inspection of hole locations




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