Eaton Leonard specializes in tube forming automation for a broad array of fabricated products. Their extensive range of equipment includes CNC tube benders, tube endforming machines, tube measuring equipment and complete cellular integrated systems.

Eaton Leonard offers a complete range of CNC tube benders up to 100 mm (4.0") capacity. The Vector Laservision tube data center and endforming equipment complement their bender product line.

Eaton Leonard's product line continues to grow with innovative solutions for various applications. Advanced technology, exceptional performance and high levels of reliability, serviceability and support highlight our equipment.

All of Eaton Leonard products are engineered for the most productive, accurate and reliable automatic processing that modern technology can provide. To safeguard your investment over a long period of time, we make provisions for incorporating future improvements to protect against obsolescence. As a result, the Eaton Leonard name is your guarantee of the highest performance - both today and tomorrow.

Eaton Leonard also offers a complete range of tube endforming equipment for small and large diameter tubing. These designs incorporate the latest technology for high performance and maximum dependability.

Eaton Leonard can also provide multi-head machines, endformers for special applications and cell machine configurations.


CE 12-25Eaton Leonard CE 12-25


VB 19 ElecEaton Lenoard VB 19 Elec Tube Bender


VB 42 ElecEaton Leonard VB 42 Elec Tube Bender


VB 80 HPEaton Leonard VB 80 HP Tube Bender


VB 152 HPEaton Leonard VB 152 Hp Tube Bender


RoboflexEaton Leonard Roboflex


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VB 50 HPEaton Lenoard VB 50 HP Tube Bender


VB25 ElecEaton Leonard VB 25 Elec Tube Bender


VB 200 HPEaton Leonard VB 200 HP Tube Bender


VB 110 HPEaton Leonard VB 110 HP Tube Bender


VR 12Eaton Leonard VR 12 Tube Bender





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